Meet Dr. Tre Pennie

Demetrick "Tre" Pennie grew up in inner city Houston, Texas, during the height of "America's War of Drugs," a period marred by augmented shooting violence and drug use. After witnessing the shooting death of a family member in high school, Tre decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and began to map out his path — this led him to the doorsteps of the U.S. Army.

After serving four years in the military and simultaneously graduating with an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice from Honolulu Community College, Tre aspired to continue a life in public service and joined the Dallas Police Department in 1999. While serving in the Department, Tre earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Midwestern State University and a Master's Degree in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University.

In 2017, Tre earned status being among America's top 2% of scholars after receiving a Doctorate Degree in Higher Education from Texas Tech University, a Tier 1 research institution. Tre believes that education fuels growth; it inspired him to become a university professor and a strong proponent of educational reform. Tre has written numerous journals and articles about issues impacting education and public safety in mainstream publications such as The Hill, Law360, The Blue Magazine, and Christian Times Magazine.

As the executive director of three non-profit organizations (local, state and national) designed for police advocacy and to assist the families of law enforcement officers killed or critically injured in the line of duty, Tre has become a legitimate force in "bridging the gap" between communities and police across the country. He has spoken at many community events and is seen by many as a unifier and a proponent for positive change. He is also nationally recognized as a law enforcement advocate and appears regularly on news networks such as Fox Business and other media outlets as a law enforcement contributor.

Tre is principled in his beliefs and is willing to fight for the benefit of "The People" regardless of the backlash. In 2016, Tre stood as the vanguard against the divisive and destructive agenda of Black Lives Matter and condemned the radicalized movement that destroyed cities and exploited deep-seated fears of the minority community. In 2017, Tre legally challenged the powerful social media companies Facebook, Google and Twitter, which have irresponsibily mismanaged their platforms and exposed America to radicalized attacks and unprecedented threats to homeland and national security interests. Because of his stance in fighting for what's right, Tre faced numerous death threats and media criticism, but has remained unfazed.

Over the years, Tre has become more politically active and has forged significant relationships across the country. In 2018, he was considered for a Presidential Appointment to the White House, but elected to serve in Congress to more directly help the constituents of his district. Based on his experiences in Washington, D.C., Tre understands what it takes to navigate the tribalistic politics that has stifled progress for so many years. As a voice for The People, Tre refuses to be controlled by special interests and partisans who seek to marginalize and take advantage of constituents in Texas District 30. He will aggressively fight to reduce crime, enhance education, stimulate the economy, grow businesses, and improve the lives of all constituents in the district.

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